BRT – behind the three initials are Jens Bothe, Kai Richter and Hadi Teherani, three architects who met while studying at the Technical University in Braunschweig, and who have worked together ever since.

Wholeness characterises our architecture. For us, functionality, cost-efficiency and sustainability are a matter of course, and represent the essentials of our work. These are valuable components arising from the office's constant professional development and optimisation processes. Innumerable innovations are the results of our high standards. The fascination of our profession, however, lies in bridging between the brief and individual solutions we develop. We understand every new project as an extraordinary challenge.

Our architecture should awake emotions and simultaneously be a striking building and sensitive part of the urban context. The competency of an experienced team of architects, engineers, graphic designers and product designers is to hand. Wholeness – also our requirement of the team.